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         cooking creatively and quickly with fresh ingredients shouldn’t be a mystery
          or a chore. Learn the techniques of a professional while enjoying a great night out with friends. 

   Sit back in Karen’s lovely kitchen while she prepares dish after dish, shares tips and tricks and reveals her insider’s knowledge so you can recreate the same fare for your family and friends. Sample each creation while sipping delightful wines and swap stories of cooking, dining out, and shopping for that elusive ingredient. Everyone goes home with a packet of recipes with photos or illustrations, ideas for side dishes, and ways to turn a simple everyday meal into a dinner party menu or something simply spectacular to surprise your family. Effortless weeknight dinners, intricate hors d’oeuvres or special regional feasts, there’s something for everyone—of any cooking ability.

   Sign up for cooking classes by yourself and meet new friends, come with a couple of friends, or grab a group, pick a class topic and schedule a private party.

   Karen’s Chop Shop kitchen—located in Westport, Connecticut—holds a maximum of 6 aspiring cooks, so everyone has a front row seat.  All classes are 2 hours long.